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Amir Rubin, CEO & Founder

Amir Rubin

Co-Founder & President

Amir graduated from the University of Florida in 2003 as a computer engineer. Since then he has helped build many companies in the field. After graduation, he co-founded Prioria Robotics and worked as the lead engineer on more than a dozen embedded systems projects. From 2009 to 2010, Amir worked as a consultant and developed a prototype stereo-vision system for weighing cattle based only on imagery (for which he holds a patent). In 2011, he joined Shadow Health as employee No. 1 where he handled full-stack dev for v1.0 of Shadow Health's Learning Management System, built and led their development team, and was a major driver in helping the company launch v1.0 of its groundbreaking healthcare-education 3D-simulation product. Paracosm sits at the intersection of Amir’s signal processing, stereo vision, and web-delivered 3D simulation experiences. In his spare time, he's hanging out with his cats, coaching the University of Florida's fencing team, or mentoring young entrepreneurs.


Ian Taylor

Co-Founder & Senior Engineer

Ian is a software engineer, entrepreneur and a community organizer. He started dabbling with computers at an early age, first the vic20, then the Amiga. By middle school, he was using Linux full-time and began teaching himself C. He studied computer science at the University of Arkansas and furthered his study at the University of Florida. Over the years, he's developed software in a variety of languages, his favorite being Haskell. Much of the developed software was within the realms of unix, networking, security, parallel-processing, graphics, sound and finance. In 2009, he co-founded Gainesville Hackerspace, which now has more than 40 members and a location in downtown Gainesville. He’s most always wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses and no one really understands why. He’s just cool like that.

Quinn Martin

Quinn Martin

Technical Lead
Dr. Daniel Gutierrez

Dr. Daniel Gutierrez

Computer Vision Engineer
Wizard Sparlock

Ben Klein

Senior Software Engineer
Nick Tardif

Nick Tardif

Software Engineer
Issa Malke

Issa Malke

Software/Hardware Engineer
Jed Adams


Senior Engineer
Dr. Dorian Gålvez-López


Computer Vision Engineer
Dr. Deliang Ye

Dr. Deliang Ye

Computer Vision Engineer
Kelsey Naylor


Computer Vision Engineer
Duncan Martel


Jr. 3D/Unity Developer
Scott Wheeler


Mechanical & Product Engineer
Conway Carter

conway carter

Industrial Design Engineer
Gannon Wilder

Gannon Wilder

Business Development Lead
Captain of Content

Julie Matheney

Marketing Manager
Emily Sparr

Emily Sparr

Customer Experience Lead
Sterling Stokes

sterling stokes

Front-End Web Developer
Nina Yagual


Office Manager
Nina Yagual

kelsey naylor

Coming Soon!
Nina Yagual


Director of Canine Relations


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